Over the years I've had the good fortune of catching some memorable music and fun on tape. When I was younger, I often left a cassette machine running during a set or two on gigs, just so I could go home and study the tape as part of my practice routine. For a while in the 1990's, Von Freeman, who also liked to listen to gig tapes, asked me to bring my DAT walkman to some of our jobs. He'd have me run cassettes for him and deliver them to his house the following day. We'd then get on the phone and discuss the music. This was a wonderful learning experience for me! Later, these 'practice tapes' were sold to SteepleChase records and became the "Inside Chicago" albums.

    I've also done many recordings in the studio which have never been released commercially. In several cases, I was taking advantage of offers for free studio time. (Who wouldn't jump at these opportunities?)

    As a result, I have an archive of tapes documenting many great gigs, musical relationships, and friendships. I thought it would be nice to share some of these with anyone who is curious enough about my music to check out this website.

    I've assembled some VIRTUAL ALBUMS. Click on the title to stream or download the music.