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"The lyrical genius of the trumpet"​ 

- chicago tribune

Goode juxtaposes the lyrical with the angular, fireworks with introspection and virtuosity with understatement."

- Downbeat

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“Tired of hearing trumpet clones of Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard? Want a cliché’-free style? Try the fresh style of Brad Goode. It’s got power and swing, tenderness and depth. Despite the challenges posed by attempting to remain cliché’-free, Goode manages to be quite fluid in his improvisations. His fertile imagination is carried by a seemingly effortless command of the trumpet.”

“Goode’s high rev brain spins out musical ideas with a consistency that’s eerie. It isn’t just the harmonic and melodic twists he puts on his material that makes him so riveting; he sends the tunes he plays through a sparkling kaleidoscope of rhythmic changes. … Goode’s trumpet would send Gabriel back to the practice room.”

-  LEe brown


-  mark Gridley

jazz historian, author of JAZZ STYLES

“He has transcended the standard-issue solutions and copycat technique that characterize so many players of his generation. He departs convention with his tonal, structural, harmonic and rhythmic touches without ever making a point of it.”

-  Lloyd Sachs


"Never sacrificing the sparkling sense of wonder that's characterized his sound from the beginning, Goode's music now also reflects maturity and sureness borne of hard-won experience."

- JazzTimes

“Goode’s interval leaps, fragmented phrases, squeezed arpeggios, slurs, smears and other applications of his advanced technique may be partly for fun, but in that exercise in fractured tempo, his whimsical bits and pieces combine with those of the rhythm section to form a sensible abstract-expression. He has internalized the profound harmonic lessons of Gillespie and Parker and applies them in a very personal way”


-  Doug Ramsey


"Goode's command of the trumpet allows for plenty of risk-taking moments, drenched with technical astonishment and raw emotion. With an abundance of melodic ideas, the Chicago native walks a musical tightrope, creating a rush of improvised suspense. His free-flowing approach is playful and refreshingly unsentimental. Nature Boy (Delmark 578) emphasizes everything genuine going on in jazz today. Goode and company are performing at an incomparable level, at once virtuosic and innovative."

-  John Barron


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